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  Everyday driving Sedan or Wagon

Altenzo Sports Equator

The Altenzo Sports Equator provides superb balance between comfort and safety. A wide cross section design allows for greater road contact, increasing grip and braking performance.

Its modern tread pattern design enhances water dispersion, allowing for reduction in risk in hydroplaning. Now built with a compound that includes silica, wet performance is even further enhanced.

The Sports Equator uses a special high wear tread compound to ensure greater mileage, less rolling resistance, resulting in longer life in your tyre. All this makes the Sports Equator the perfect choice for the all round sedan or wagon.

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  Performance required for small, medium and large vehicles

Altenzo Sports Comforter+

The Altenzo Sports Comforter is a unique asymmetrical tyre, designed and engineered in Australia for use on small, medium and large sedans.

The expert design of the Sports Comforter, allow for lower levels of rolling resistance, sharper steering response and improved treadwear.

PDW has developed the Sports Comforter tyre specifically for the noise level resistance. The quiet road noise level is unheard of in an Ultra High Performance tyre.

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  SUV performance vehicles

Altenzo Sports Navigator

The Altenzo Sports Navigator uses the latest technology to give this tyre an excellent balanced performance. The anti-bias shoulder design dramatically reduces the common problem of rapid shoulder wear.

Designed after much research and development, the Sports Navigator is engineered to meet the challenges of the all new performance SUV's.

With the low noise groove design the Sports Navigator delivers the most comfortable ride possible while delivering the highest standards in driving safety.